A freezer full of babies…

… that’s what I’m guessing lies in store for me if I respond to this one.



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The World Traveler

I don’t mean to sound like an asshole (okay, maybe that’s not entirely true), but really?  Question for  this guy — what’s your angle?  You see that I am a self-admitted grass-is-always-greener person, that I have serious wanderlust, and that my photos are from 6 different countries.  (That’s not meant to be bragging — those are just the photos of me I choose to share because they’re the ones where I look awesomest.  The point of online dating, right?)  So please, someone, explain what I’m meant to do with this message.  Reply?  Is there a real question in there?  Because honestly, the pleasantries like “how are you” and “what’s up?” don’t really leave the door open to conversation…

The absolute best part is the fact that this guy wrote me despite being considered 68% enemy by a renowned algorithm.


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This guy…

J_Man13 really knows how to pique a gal’s interest:

What I like to do: I guess the only real hobby I have is collecting action figures.

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I’ve entered the world of online dating.  I’ve had friends who’ve had luck, friends who’ve met husbands, friends who have stories that make me cringe, cry, and choke all at once.  But after a breakup that left me single for the first time in 10 years, I realized I had no idea how to date if you weren’t 24, making $33K a year, and living in NYC.

There I was, 34 and in Denver.  A divorcee (barf to that word), with fantastic friends who all had boyfriends, and a job that could be all-consuming if I let it.  So onto OK Cupid I went.  And then match.com.*  I created my profile (approved by a platonic friend who was my encourager to begin with).  Selected my photos.  Done.  They both have mobile apps too.  How I have managed to be a contributing member of society since the advent of online dating apps in my life is beyond me.  But I digress.

What I thought would ultimately be cheeky and fun has in practice turned out to be something slightly tragic and cruel.

And so begins SharmaGlobs 2.0.  Tune in for snippets from the crazy people who reach out to me.  Recaps of the dates that were so promising and turned out to be 3-hour torture sessions, made possible only through bourbon.  Tales of the voicemails that made me pretend I was sick.  And screen shots of the glorious messages I get from real, live men living in Denver.

Oh, it’s gonna get fun up in here.  Stay tuned…

– Nina

*remind me to tell you the story sometime of how I actually got blocked from match.com with my regular email address.  no idea how this happened.  Cruel and tragic, indeed.

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40 Years (And Counting)

40 Years (And Counting)

It’s my amazing parents’ 42nd anniversary today!  

Two years ago, Dave and I set out to surprise the hell out of them.  We contacted everyone they knew and asked for photos, stories, toasts, and anything they wanted to say about our parents.  

They blew us away.  Also, it turns out our parents are pack rats.  Lots of layouts, badgering emails, and late nights later… we had a 300 page coffee table book, and 75 people crammed into a restaurant for a surprise party.  It was epic.  

Here, relive the joys and laughter of knowing my family by taking a gander at the PDF version of THE BOOK!  

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The Brooklyn Wall

A guest post by the lucky woman who married Sansar.

“So tonight I was making dinner and Jeopardy was on the tv. One of the questions was something like “what international icon of the cold war collapsed on November 9, 1989”

Dad was walking by, heard the question, and said “the Brooklyn Wall.”


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Sesame Sharma!

So last night Dave (brother Sharma) sent a note about a couple of gigs coming up, including the one for Sesame Street where he was invited to play tabla (do NOT even get me started on my excitement here. MUPPETS and SHARMAS. A. Ma. Zing.).

My mom was busy with something at home, so instead of reading said email to Sansar, she gave him her Blackberry so he could read the message himself.

Then yesterday, she saw Dave’s post that he’d played and told Sansar that “Dave had played for Sesame Street – isn’t that fun!”

To which he responded, “Oh, did he play the tuba?”

“Tuba, what do you mean?”

He said, “Isn’t that what he said he was playing?”

And the moral is, get Sansar (the man who has dedicated his entire life to reseraching degenerative eye diseases) higher powered glasses so he can read a Blackberry.

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